Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Brayden!

I had the joy of making my nephew Brayden's birthday cake for his party today. He is really into cars, trains, tractors and motorcycles, so my sister had a trains and cars party theme. Just thought I would share the cute cake… I'm proud of it and everyone said it was yummy! 

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Anonymous said...

That is darling! I love how you did the lettering. So clever! I'm always so intimidated to write on a cake, this is a fantastic solution.

Kate said...

Thanks Karen!
I'm always terrified to write on cakes for fear that I might misspell something or make a mistake that I cannot correct with gobs of icing. I figured I couldn't screw it up this way! The letters were just stickers that I found in the scrap booking aisle at Michaels!