Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sexy new discovery

One of my five roommates, JS, got back from Los Angeles the other day after assisting on a very cool photo shoot for the latest Tim Burton film that's in the works. The moment he walked through our big, beautiful steel door, I ambushed him and dragged him off to the bar where one of our other roommates, AC, works. I had been in the house for days and really needed to get out, so I forced him to go with me :) That's the beauty of living with five other people, there's always someone around! 

So JC and I went off to Hugs on North 6th in Williamsburg, where he proceeded to pull out his iPhone so we could geek out together. I was not prepared for what would follow! Just about the sexiest thing any iPhone nerd could dream of. A beautiful solid wood case for the beloved Apple masterpiece. Seriously, solid wood! It's stunning and I cannot help but dream of the day when I can afford to incase my little buddy in a oak wood cozy! I cannot justify the purchase at this time, but you can bet it's been filed away in my brain and my bookmarks and I will venture back to where the lovelies live as soon as humanly possible. 

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