Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain rain go away…

… come again another day!
It's been raining a lot lately in New York, which I've learned can be quite hazardous for the normal, everyday walk down the street. Trying to make it to the subway without loosing an eye or poking someone to death is more difficult then it was to get into college, I swear! It's like a sea of deadly metal spikes pushing their way down any given avenue, and New Yorkers just don't seem to care. I at least dive out of the way to avoid impaling some small child or tall man, but others, nope! They just walk along as if they don't have a deadly weapon floating in wait above their heads, ready to stab any unsuspecting sidewalk mate. It's frightening actually!
Having not often used an umbrella in my former "run from house to car and from car to building" kind of life, the concept of investing in a good rain shield has never occurred to me. But today, the third day of having my cheap, borrowed from my sister umbrella turned inside out by the wind, it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, a good umbrella in New York is just an important in a heated loft (another lesson I'm learning the hard way!)
So tonight as my wool jacket sits soaking and smelling in the corner of my room, I decided to search online for something cuter than the rest of the depressing black canopies that haunt the streets of this city. I struck gold when I wandered upon! I'm totally loving their adorable designs and I just thought I would share the ones I'm drooling over! I just can't decide! Go check them out, they are so darn cute!

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