Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quick Lunch

I'm definitely a scratch baker, so I'm mildly embarrassed to be posting this idea, but it turned out to be yummy so I figured I would share the idea anyway.

I wanted something satisfying for lunch the other day while working on my book, but nothing was striking my fancy as I stared into my fridge and cupboards. Poking out from the door shelf was a tube of Pilsbury Crescent Rolls, so I grabbed them and tried to think of what to do to make them into a lunch. I knew I had some frozen spinach and feta cheese, so I decided to make some pockets filled with that yummy combo. 

But what about something sweet? 

I'm a huge fan of sweetened cream cheese, so I mixed up some of Philadelphia's best with confectioner sugar, and put that in the center of the second half of my crescents. Delicious!

It was a great simple lunch, just enough to satisfy my need for something other than a sandwich, but simple enough to get me back to writing quickly. Yum! 

A yummy little lunch envelope! 

Spinach and Feta, always a great combination! 

Who can turn down sweetened cream cheese? Not I! 

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