Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sometimes a girl just needs a cookie

My busy busy day left me yearning for something sweet and homemade – of course that meant that I had to make something in order to satisfy my craving. I didn't feel like hunting through any of the seemingly billions of recipes I have, so I turned to my favorite old standby – Tollhouse chocolate chop cookies. You gotta love them! And no, I'm not going to post the recipe – all you've got to do is buy a bag of chocolate chips – that's what is so great about these cookies! What made the whole thing even more perfect was the fact that I had finally broken down and purchased a cookie scooper today. So useful, I don't know how I've baked all these years without one! 

Look at what a flawless little plop of dough this is!

Sometimes a girl just needs a cookie. 

And sometimes a girl just needs a spoonful of raw cookie dough and some milk! 

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Jen said...

Hi Kate-- I haven't had a homemade chocolate chip cookie in so long...

When you say cookie scooper, do you mean one of those tiny ice cream/lunch lady scoops or something else?

Anonymous said...

i agree, a small ice cream/cookie scoop is such a useful cooking tool. i finally got a really small one so i can make petite sized cookies!