Friday, February 8, 2008

Apple Pie Cupcakes

Life has kept me out of the kitchen recently, which was starting to take its toll of my baking soul… so today I got my bake on and whipped up some Apple Pie Cupcakes! DELICIOUS!! I'm a big fan of Alpineberry, a blog about baking, and when I saw these cupcakes on Marys blog I knew I had to try them out. Not only do I love apple pie, but the idea of apple pie with frosting… now that makes me smile wide. These confections were the product of a Daring Bakers Challenge (which I'm super excited to be joining in March!) and I must say that Mary succeeded! Check out the recipe and her blog… it's tasty all around.
As I write this, I'm already dreaming of a tall glass of milk and another cup of cake. What makes them super special is the fact that there are yummy, caramelized apples laid across the top before the batter is baked. There is cinnamon in the batter and a buttery cinnamony sweet frosting to top it all off. They have been a big hit already in my house… I highly recommend them to anyone who loves apple pie, and even those who don't dream about it the moment their head hits the pillow! 

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Andrea said...

Yum Yum Yum! You can make these anytime you want in exchange for a couch to sleep on in D.C.