Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Psychic reading

I walked down the street and followed the same path my parents had earlier. It was still drizzling a little bit as I sat down on the bench outside to wait. I knew the drill, there was always a lot of people inside and waiting outside on the boards, so you just had to sit around and stay put until someone acknowledged you and asked you inside.
I sat there, staring at my flip flopped feet, wondering how long it would be before someone called me in and bled me dry in exchange for a bunch of bullshit. Quickly I began to wonder if they could read minds, which led to a state of worry since I was sitting there, clearly in mind reading range, thinking they were full of bullshit.
As if the psychics called on the clouds in order to punish me for my skeptical thoughts, water began to pour down from the sky, drenching me almost instantly. I looked around for Noah and his f***ing ark as I pulled my wet hood over my head in attempt to stay somewhat presentable, but it was useless. All the other rain soaked souls in need of guidance ran for it, and I debated about following them, but decided to stick it out. I was already sopping wet, what was the point of getting out of line now? Hopefully this meant I was now at the front of what had been a long queue.
I hadn’t brought my cell phone with me, and I never wore a watch, so in reality I had no idea how long I had been sitting there before a woman leaned her head outside to greet me, however, I guessed it had been an eternity, give or take a few millennia.
Thirty-four minutes later I walked out, my pocket $107 lighter, tears mingling with the still falling rain on my cheeks, my left hand clutching the crystals, two purple and one yellow, that were supposed to help me, the instructions on how to clean them in a sunny window still floating aimlessly in my head.

Here is a snipit from a chapter that has yet to be titled and still doesn't have a real place in the book yet… but it's still an important moment in my main characters story. Obviously I'm revealing nothing in an effort to keep you coming back for more!

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