Thursday, February 7, 2008

Getting a bit a head of myself

I have to admit that while I'm getting better about writing more often, my mind has begun to wander to where things will go after my first book is finished. I have a very general idea of what book two and three will be about, but I'm trying to concentrate on getting the first draft of Shoo Elephant Shoo done before I do any writing on the rest of the trilogy. Tonight, however, I disobeyed myself and wandered a bit farther down the stream then I'm supposed to. 
I thought you might like a sneak peek of book two. To tell you about the setting of this dialogue would be impossible as that has yet to come to me. My favorite moments in writing are those where something seems to just dribble out of your brain and onto the screen… your fingers becoming just a tool meant only for this very purpose… the purpose of story telling. I'm excited to see what comes of this, but I mustn't wander away from Elephant too much… so we will all have to wait and see. 

Peek… peek:

“I always figured my chances of becoming a crazy, spinster, recluse writer were pretty decent. I thought I could wander around my vast property in my Great Aunt Dorothy’s mink fur coat, over my cotton nightgown of course… no socks. And I could bark at the mailman and squabble at the birds. I could spend hours in front of my typewriter, not of course my laptop, as crazy recluse writers do it the old fashion way, and I could swelter away in the summer in that fur coat. But then you came along… and somehow I fell in love with you. And now that plan has gone all sorts to shit. I would have been good at it. I would have been exceptional in fact. But now I have to be normal, and wear the coat like a sophisticated doctors wife, rather than a recluse spinster. How boring is that.
“Promise me this, will you… promise me that at least once a summer I can wander around in the woods wearing a nightgown and the furs, and I will agree to marry you. That’s my one, honest, request from you. Food on the table… a roof over my head… blah. If you can love me through me wandering around in the fur coat and nightgown, oh oh and my green wellies… if you can love me through that than you’ve got a deal.
“Otherwise… I’ll need to sleep on it.”

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