Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bridget Brilliance

So the good news is, I've found my soul mate. 
The bad news is, it happens to be Bridget Jones. 
Seeing as that I am straight and do not live inside a book, it appears that my true search continues. However, it's always nice to know that someone else's mind happens to be just as crazy as mine!
I have of course seen the Bridget Jones movies, and loved them both, but I had never actually read the books. In one of my weekly trips to the bookstore I happened upon Helen Fielding's work and figured it was time to add it to my bulging bookshelves. My work in progress could find itself in the same genre as this gem, so not only is it a great read, but it's good to know what else is out there.
This book is HYSTERICAL! Honestly, I laid in my bed last night laughing out loud and didn't put it down until 2 a.m. when I finally couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. The novel certainly needs no explanation from me, we all know what it's about. However, if your only experience with Bridg is the movies, then I implore you to read the books. The following excerpt from the first book is quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever read. It's a crime the it wasn't used in the movie! It had me laughing for at least two minutes straight. Which by the way, is a great abdominal workout (v.g.).

I made a complete arse of myself today, though. I got in the lift to go out for a sandwich and found Daniel in there with Simon from Marketing, talking about footballers being arrested for throwing matches. "Have you heard about this, Bridget?" said Daniel.
"Oh yes," I lied, groping for an opinion. "Actually, I think it's all rather petty. I know it's a thuggish way to behave, but as long as they didn't actually set light to anyone I don't see what all the fuss is about." - Bridget Jones's Diary  by Helen Fielding

I'm laughing again just typing it out. I love it!! Thanks to Helen for bringing women to life, in all our neurotic glory! 

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