Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday, and since it's a sin to do anything other than shop for oneself on ones birthday, there was no way I was baking my own birthday cake. My dad took it upon himself to lovingly buy my a ridiculously large sheet cake from Costco that had huge icing balloons and confetti on it. Although I would never buy a cake for someone, simply because I love to bake, I greatly appreciated the gesture, and found myself enjoying the cake simply because it was purchased with love, that same kind of love that I put into things when I bake them. It was delicious, the icing was to sweet, the mouse filling was overly rich and the chocolate cake was delightfully spongy - my teeth still happily ache from the two pieces yesterday and the one so far from today. I had planned to bake some Boston Cream Pie cupcakes today, but I certainly can't justify 24 cupcakes sitting on the counter when I have a massive hunk o cake in the fridge. Course it shouldn't take too long to polish off that cake, so expect a cupcake post soon! 

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