Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello birdy

Just another snip it from my book Shoo Elephant… Shoo. 
See if you can figure out what's going on!

I sat on the edge of the cliff wondering why there was only one pink kangaroo amongst all the green giraffes. Figuring I might as well go down to the savannah floor and go ask that kangaroo why he was all alone, and hmm… in Africa, I pushed off from the cliff edge and floated peacefully down to the ground below.
“Hi Merwoman Eddie!” a giraffe called from somewhere off to my right, prompting me to look down at my feet as I waved a feathery hand in salutations to my long neck friend. Right before my eyes, my legs seemed to fuse without any pain, or sensation at all, and then scales sprouted out in various shades of pink and purple.
Quite immediately I knew that the pink kangaroo was mine, as its pink color matched my tail perfectly, and was waiting patiently for me on the other side of the savannah. I walked, despite my mermaid appendage, through the high grass and towards my roo, and covered what had seemed like miles in mere moments.
As I stood next to my roo, petting his feathery head, a small bug flew by my ear ringing loudly. I swatted it away, and watched as a bird winged its way to me. It settled down on my arm and opened its mouth and started ringing at me. “Funny bird,” I said, “why are you ringing and not singing?”
My kangaroo looked up at me and said “Because Shannon is calling, you goosey mermaid you!”
“Oh okay!” I said. I took a hold of the bird and lifted it to my ear and said “Hello?”
“So you are alive!” Shannon’s voice echoed through the bird.
I smiled and said “Yes birdy, I am,” in a groggy voice.
“Birdy?” he said, “did you just call me birdy?”

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