Friday, March 7, 2008


My mom and sister both have Celiac disease, which means they have an intolerance to Gluten, which is in pretty much everything! And my other sister has a dairy allergy! So macaroons are great because they don't have any flour or dairy in them. 
I found a new recipe the other day and figured I would try them out this morning. Normally I would post the link, but I actually wouldn't recommend this one to others trying to make good Macaroons. They were too eggy and some of them baked up more like cookies than Macaroons. 
The recipe called for dried cranberries, but I decided to substitute mini chocolate chips instead because I love chocolate and coconut together! Of course macaroons are simple to make, you just mix everything in a bowl and then make them into little mounds of triangles, and bake em up. 
They taste good, but they aren't a pretty as I would have liked. I won't be serving them to my French baker friend who is stopping by tomorrow, but I will be feeding them to my allergy filled family! 

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Antonio Tahhan said...

aw, I always appreciate rustic looking food so I think that macaroon looks yummy. I usually dip mine in melted chocolate, but will have to try it with chocolate chips inside - I can never have enough chocolate : )

Jen said...

I'm trying to put together a menu to make when a friend with celiac comes over-- macaroons would be a great idea for dessert. I really hadn't been able to think of anything besides fruit or a bar of chocolate... Do you have a macaroon recipe you like?