Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cinnamon Buns

I attempted baking with yeast for the first time the other day and had wonderful results! I decided to go with Cinnamon Buns my first time out because I recently found out that my very existence is related to Cinnamon Buns! It turns out that during the depression, my great grandfather baked buns in the basement of their Philadelphia row home, and sent my grandfather out into town to sell them. The money made from this venture put food on the table for my relatives and kept them alive. So in turn my grandfather lived through the depression, and was able to get married and have kids. My dad was then able to have me, so I owe my life to cinnamon buns! It only seemed right that I should add this confection to my repertoire. 
I went with a recipe from Food Network because it was the first one I found. I plan on trying lots of different recipes to find one that seems to be a standout, but this first one was great! Check it out. I followed it to a T, other than switching the juice of a lemon out for that of a clementine for the icing. It was only because I forgot to buy lemons, but it turned out great, and added a dimension that I think would have been missing otherwise. I found that drizzling the icing over just the bun I was devouring worked out best because that way the rest didn't get soggy. Not that they stuck around in my families kitchen long enough to get soggy, but still! 
It was my first time kneading dough and I loved it, but I have to admit… the best part about making these buns was cutting them with dental floss. It was totally satisfying in this fantastic way! If only I could go around chopping things up with dental floss all day long, it would rock! 

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