Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Writing and Reese's

Often times you'll hear a novelist say how healing the process of writing a book can be. Today was one of those days for me, as I was able to let some of my own grief go via my main character. As she sat there crying in my book, I sat there crying at my desk, and we let the pain go together. It was a great day of writing, so good in fact that I gave myself a high five. Of course when your alone in the fiving it really just ends up being one clap kinda higher up in the air than you would normally clap, but hey, what can you do! 
Most of the day revolved around writing, with a few moments spent hugging my nephew, and a few more spent gazing out the back window at the deer who were munching away in my backyard. 
The only problem with writing all day is that nothing got baked, and the coconut cake is sadly all gone. So at 9:30 this evening I found myself craving something sweet and I gladly turned to my favorite substitute for all things baked, a Reese's. Some time ago I was introduced to the mother of all Reese's cups– the large holiday version. The great thing about the holiday big boys is their peanut butter to chocolate ratio. The chocolate takes a back seat to the PB in this one, unlike the cup where the two yummos come together about evenly. As far as I'm concerned the chocolate is merely a vehicle with which to ingest the peanut butter, so this PB heavy combo is heaven for me.
Of course the cup shape is tossed aside in honor of whatever holiday might be near, or months away as the case happens to be right now. Luckily I had only just finished my last Christmas tree when the Valentines hearts arrived on the shelves. I actually saw the Easter Eggs the other day, but I'm trying to be true to the season and work my way there slowly. Besides, it must be said that at Easter the Cadbury Eggs vie for my Reese's attention. 
Most people just dive in and take a bite, denying one of our most treasured senses a chance to enjoy this pleasure. Me, I like to sniff ’em first. There's nothing better than a long, slow draught of Reese's, trust me. The endorphin explosion rivals that of a good, long workout. If only I got the same effects from chocolate and peanut butter as I do from my hour long morning workouts. I would gladly spend the first hour of my day devouring these pals in exchange for a smaller butt… but sadly, I pretty sure I would get the opposite result.  

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Andrea said...

I was just having this same exact conversation the other day with a friend. I love those little hearts, and I am someone who hates all things chocolate. Bring on the PB! Anyway, congrats on the successes of your writing. Talk to you soon. PS. I enjoy reading your blog and have found some yummy recipes to try.