Friday, January 11, 2008

My Novel

Liv had wanted to sign it each time she came to the hospital, but I didn’t want my white plastered arm to give away the fact that I only had one friend who cared enough to sign my cast. I had thought one night about signing a bunch of other names on it so that I would look cooler than I in fact am. Then I realized that I was 27 years old and that would be pathetic. Say nothing of the fact that I would have had to do the signing with my left hand, making it look like I had been attacked by a first grade class learning how to write their names for the first time.

Here's a excerpt from my book, currently titled Shoo Elephant Shoo. It comes from what is currently chapter 27 titled Tasty Kakes and Namesakes. I'm amused by it, and my dad laughed, so that's a hopeful sign. 

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